Queens 2012

Tennis on grass. Guests at The Queen’s Club in London. What more can att tennisplayer wish for? This dream came true for 13 members in our Club in August this year. We spent two days of intense tennis matches between our two clubs. We had afternoon tea one day and lunch on the day after. This, and the faboulous felling when walking out on the grass courts in the sunshine on the first day are something we will preserve in our minds for a long long time to come. The results? We have invited The Queen’s Club for a friendly revenge tie on hard court in Stockholm, which we hope will take place sometime in the near future!

Un exemple of the friendly atmosphere between our clubs:Queen’s professional Toast Master Peter Hesz got hurt when playing. At the same time his partner Jeff Wayne also got injured, with the result that Arne Ericson and Arthur Craig continued the tennisgame as replacements. After having saved 5 match points in the super tiebrake they saw their oponents as winner.

The pictures below from the courts are from day one.
We are highly greatful to The Queen’s Club for their generosity and the fine sportsmanship they showed us during our visit.